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Permanent Makeup For A Fabulous You 24/7

It’s true: Even here in Wisconsin, permanent makeup has captured the attention of all women (and men!) who love the idea of always looking their best–and saving time! At Karma in Eau Claire, we are proud to offer a full line of procedures, all performed by trained and highly skilled technicians. Also known as Micropigmentation, “permanent makeup” refers to a the application of cosmetic tattoos that enhance the recipient’s facial features. Once used primarily by celebrities and other “high society” types, permanent makeup is revolutionizing the traditional world of cosmetics!

Karma is happy to announce that we are now offering EYELASH EXTENSIONS as a service to our customers, and at a introductory rate of $99! It is a great way to achieve any desired look whether its for everyday or a special occasion. Go natural or dramatic. Call for more details and schedule your appointment today!

So permanent makeup is a tattoo?

Permanent Makeup Montage

Save time and always look your best!

Yes, the procedure is similar to a regular tattoo, but is applied with the greatest skill and moderation so it is not too much and not too little. The goal is to give you an attractive look that is always with you and has a completely natural appearance. You’ll look great when you wake up, go swimming, or get caught running errands on those rushed days! Your permanent makeup will also provide a great basis for those special occasions, when you
further enhance the effects with the application of your favorite cosmetics.

As far as the technique, very fine needles are used that only go into the second (epidermal) layer of skin. Another difference from regular tattoos is the use of individual hair strokes for eyebrows, for example, to create the appearance of actual hair.

What sorts of procedures are available?

Karma does a full menu of permanent makeup procedures including eyelining and enhancement of the face, lips, and eyelids. Eyebrows are also a popular procedure, both for cosmetic purposes and for people who have lost their natural eyebrows due to age or disease.

Lip Liner or full lip color can be added to define irregular lines, to enhance lip color loss, or to correct cleft lips. Lip liner enhancement also helps prevent lipstick that runs outside the lip lines.

Eyeliner can be added to create a subtle or dramatic enhancement to the eye or to define the eyelash line.

Eyebrow enhancement is the most popular procedure because it is used to frame the face and achieve a more natural look. This can be done for clients with no eyebrows, or to darken or define the shape of the eyebrows.

Other benefits?

There are LOTS of reasons you’ll love your new, 24/7 look with permanent makeup from Karma! The savings from disposable cosmetics are just the beginning. Imagine the boost of confidence that builds, knowing that you look your best all the time; makeup that never smears or runs…beautifully-defined eyelashes…fuller, more colorful lips with crisp outlines. The advantages and possibilities are endless!

What is the cost of your Wisconsin permanent makeup procedures?

Karma is pleased to offer services at very competitive rates. Our customers save an average of 25%, compared to other salons, and come from all around western Wisconsin and even Minnesota to take advantage of the savings! Each procedure is as different as the individual. We offer a free consultation to every potential customer, & go over everything from color to aftercare. For more information on our Wisconsin and Minnesota permanent makeup procedures, please see our Pricing and FAQ page.

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